What happens when you enter your personal information to register with us?


Hatun Business Directory values every individual visiting our website in general or looking to sign up and register with us. Our registration process involves a couple of information sections to be filled up.

Mostly your name and an Email address are required for the registration process. At Hatun Business Directory, we respect the right to privacy regarding the personal information of every individual visiting our website.


Please READ CAREFULLY our privacy policy, and consider that by entering our website, you agree to and abide by the terms and conditions of our policy.

You can quickly contact us with the contact information provided at the very end of this Policy for all your concerns and doubts.

Information Acquired

In GENERAL terms, we collect the following information from our visitors:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Age–Gender
  • Business details
  • Information about your interests
  • Credit card Number (in case of purchases made on our website)

We may access some of your information, like an address for delivery, procurement history, other demographic information, etc., from other business partners, contractors, and third parties to give you quality products and services.

Reliability with Business partners and Third parties                               

We have trusted business partners and ensure that your information stays confidential and is used only internally and never with third parties without your consent and approval.

Methods to gain information

To understand visitors and how we can benefit them, we use IP addresses and usage data like access time and language to gather diverse information.

Our web portal uses cookies and other technologies to gather information leading to your activities. This is important as it allows us to improve and work better. To provide a quality user experience and consider the user demands and interests. Cookies can be declined, but it is significant to know that by doing so, you may be unable to sign in or have unlimited access to features offered on our website.

Why we need to be informed

To give you an optimum user experience, proper functioning, and management of the business and related activities, gathering information plays a significant role and is considered an essential step.

To process your product or service or to know what exactly you are looking for can make it convenient for you the next time you visit us with previous information narrowing down possibilities.

Security Factor

Whenever navigating and browsing outside Hatun Business Directory, webpages led through our website, the security of your personal information is not in our hands. The privacy and security then operate according to that particular website and its terms and policies. Be cautious about that.

We do not pass on or trade your identity or store financial information. We have reliable and authentic steps to eliminate any loss or misuse of information through passwords, secure servers, and a firewall.

Whenever you opt for any product or service from our business partners, it becomes an absolute need to share essential information to fulfill what is required of you in the best way possible.

Freedom to Choose

It is of prime importance here to mention that if you elect yourself out of the newsletter service that we provide or want to use the right to remain anonymous, you are entitled to the freedom and UNSUBSCRIBE or mail us mentioning your query, and we will oblige at our earliest.

Please get in touch with us by the following Contact Us Form.

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